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Asato mā sadgamaya | From ignorance, lead me to truth
  • 800hr+ Advanced ​Certified Jivamukti Teacher

  • 200hr Certified Ashtanga-Vinyasa Flow

  • 200hr & 300hr Teacher Trainer

Like many others, I first started practicing yoga asana for the its physical benefits.

I stumbled into the method of Jivamukti Yoga by chance. I arrived at my studio too late to join my usual class. That was my first experience of the yoga practices which exist outside of asana. The Jivamukti practice opened a deeper level of awareness of body, mind and spirit.

I stumbled into the method of Ashtanga by chance. Curiosity awakened by the practice of Jivamukti, I decided to go on a yoga retreat. I choose my destination based on a recommendation. That recommendation led me to India. That recommendation is how I came to my daily practice of Ashtanga, the practice that revealed to me the patterns and limitations of the mind.

I stumbled into the practice of teaching by chance. I did not have any great aspirations to be a yoga teacher. But I did have a desire to deepen my practice. I decided to do a 200hr training. When I completed my training I realised I was only at the beginning of my yoga journey.  

I stumbled into the path of yoga and finally realised I had never stumbled at all.

I have so much gratitude to all of my teachers who have played a part in helping me to uncover this spiritual pursuit. I teach to pay it forward.

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