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The Magic Dark

La Viñuela, Spain

Intermediate | 21- 26 January 2024

Winter draws us in to its cloak of darkness. Many of us may find ourselves wishing these months away, waiting for the light of spring and summer to return.


But winter has such richness within her darkness. In the magic dark of winter we not only have the opportunity to rest in natures natural ebb to the flow, we also have the time to tend to the stoke the fire of creative flow within us.


Now is the time for inspiration to be nourished, as we light candles, read poetry, listen to music and connect to the source within.


This special retreat will be dedicated to the Magic Dark of Winter.


Each morning will start with Mediation, Chanting and Kriya practices. Followed by Asana and Pranayama.


In the afternoons, we will meditate again, read poetry and discuss yogic philosophy and its modern application to our daily lives.

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