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Fierce Grace: Day Retreat 
11th December | 13-18hr - Berlin 

An urban retreat to nourish your inner fire this winter

Reflection & Rejuvenation: The Winter Retreat with Gunny & Rowena 
26th-29th January, Mecklenburg, Germany

We invite you to come together with us to prioritise the sacred pause that winter offers. Each day will feature a combination of rejuvenating practices such as, pranayama, meditation, asana, nidra, kirtan, philosophy and relaxation. And delicious vegan food will be provided for brunch and dinner, to support and nourish our energy. 

7-13th August 2022, Sabina - Italy (Intermediate)


Freedom of the Heart
30th May-5th June, The Relais, Amalfi Coast & 13th-19th August, In Sabina - Italy

"It is not perfection we must seek, but freedom of the heart.” - Jack Kornfield 


Alignment is internal work, meaning what matters most is that we live from the truth that speaks to us through our spiritual hearts.


When we initially came to the practice the shifts we felt may have been primarily physical, but as we increase the frequency and the dimension of our practice we begin to sense something deeper is calling to us. Yogic practices provide us with tools for introspection. And with this we’re able to recognise our truth, and take action from a place of inner alignment. This does not have to look like a radical external change, you don’t have to leave the modern world and go and live in an ashram, you can live from this place of deep alignment right there where you are - and this is the most radical realisation.  

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Practices for Liberation
13th-19th July & 20-26th July, Casa Erica - Malaga 

Jivanmukta means liberated while living, and refers to a person who has gained complete self-knowledge and self-realisation. It’s easy to overlook that the practices of yoga are designed for this purpose, which is why it is so potent when we set aside time to go deeper into our practices.


Perhaps the beginning of living liberated is to recognise that we are not limited to the roles we may have in this lifetime. We not defined by our careers, nor by our possessions, nor by any other external factors. So why should we hold so tightly onto these identities. Whats more, those of us truly aspiring to live liberated must recognise that we are but one cell in the body of all of life. So how can we live in a way that inspires harmony?


During this week we will explore the relationship between asana and intention. Between breath and the awakening of our full consciousness.

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