Full Moon, Full Circle June & August 2022

Like the moon as observed from earth, we experience our life in cycles. We begin something new, we expand within this new field of awareness, reach poornam – fullness, and then we begin a new cycle. 


Each time we begin anew, we hopefully take with us some of what we have already learned from previous cycles. And gradually, the recurring fullness that we experience at the end of each cycle, is recognised as our true nature. Because just like the moon, we have alway been full, all that was required to see this was the light of consciousness – the full radiance of the sun shining on the moon, to be able to witness that consciousness. 

During this retreat we will explore the way yoga practices awaken us to our full consciousness. And most importantly, how to harness this awareness in all of our relationships.     

For more information on pricing (starting at 970€ for Spain and 1085€ for Italy) and booking please visit Yoga Spirit Circle here

12-18th June 2022, Malaga - Spain (Open Level)

7-13th August 2022, Sabina - Italy (Intermediate)

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Summer Solstice & Culinary Retreat
19-25th June 2022, Malaga - Spain

Path of the Sun: The Sun is often used as a metaphor for consciousness, because its rays of light dispels darkness – spiritual ignorance. In yogic philosophy spiritual ignorance is to not recognise the essence of who we truly are, and since we’re unable to recognise the divinity within us we’re even less likely to recognise it in each other. 


Yoga is a rich and extensive experience, and one of the recurring themes in the teaching of yoga is that of Vidya, right knowledge. We move towards vidya when we bring our body and mind into balance, which requires a commitment to a healthy diet (food & information), mindful movement and pranayama to support the energetic flow of prana in our bodies, and spiritual inquiry through the study of ancient texts and the practice of meditation.


When you’re not on your yoga mat, you are invited to join the series of culinary workshops that are unique to this retreat. There will be plenty of down-time to go for a stroll, sunbathe, swim in the sea and read. 

For more information on pricing (starting at 1070€ for a shared room) and booking please visit Yoga Spirit Circle here

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Depth & Grace
1st-8th October 2022, Salento - Italy

During this week long retreat we will explore the depths of an advanced yoga practice: Breath, Bandha, Drishti, Asana, and importantly - Intention. 


Together we’ll take a pause from our daily routines to dive into yogic practices that both ground and open us up to experience and growth. Meet yourself and the others on a deeper level: activate and connect with your body, challenge and quiet your mind, expand and share your inner being inspired by the modern application of ancient wisdom.


The asana practice is dynamic and can be challenging. Some experience of practicing vinyasa is recommended but beyond this practice is open to mixed levels of practitioners. The minimum requirement is a playful spirit. 


Delicious & nutritious vegan food will be provided for brunch and dinner to support our journey in the best way. Plenty of fruits, teas and pure water will be available throughout the day.