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P R Ā Ṇ  A

Montpellier, France

22- 29 June 2024

On the 22nd June, one day after the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ll begin our 1 week pranic gathering in the rolling hills of Southern France. 


Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the Summer, days flooded with the natural light of the Sun, and we become ever more present and connected to the innate energy that lives within as a result. 


Prāṇa is the Energy of Life, the “…cosmic force without which nothing moved or functions.” Together we will harness this energy through the practices of Jivamukti Yoga:

Bhakti ~ Devotional chanting 

Ahiṃsa ~ Delicious and nutritious vegan food

Nāda ~ Deep listening

Dhyāna ~ Meditation

Shastra ~ Contemplation of ancient wisdom


This retreat is open to all curious and playful souls with a love for wisdom. 


Typical Retreat Schedule*:

  • Pre practice there will be tea, juice and fruits available 

  • Mornings will begin with chanting, pranayama and meditation followed by asana practice. 

  • Post practice a delicious brunch will be served.

  • After breakfast we will all have free time to relax, explore the surroundings, or have a massage 

  • A light bite will be offered at 3pm

  • Late afternoons we will feature another practice session. These will be a mixture of asana classes, asana labs/workshop and philosophical inquiry

  • Dinner will be served at 7pm


On Tuesday the afternoon will be free so those who wish can go to the beach. Transport will be arranged for those wishing to go. 

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